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Cold starters
Thin slices of „Gurktaler“ bacon
with apple balsamic and parmesan
Euro  9,90
Carpaccio of "Kärntner Almochsen"
on a spicy chili oil with parmesan flakes and rucola
Euro 10,90
Carpaccio of "Metnitztaler" deer
on raspberry-vinaigrette with rucola
Euro 11,90
1 piece of fresh pastry Euro 0,80
Beef soup with pancake strips Euro 3,50
Beef soup with Schlickkrapferl or liver-dumplings Euro 3,80
Garlic-cream soup in crispy bread-pot Euro 5,80
Noodles - Carinthian specialities of home-made quality
Cooked noodles with curd cheese and hot brown butter Euro 10,90
Fried noodles with curd cheese and baked ham Euro 11,90
Plate of „Carinthian-noodles“ variation. Euro 12,90
Salad is served with all noodle dishes.
Grilled meat dishes
Fillet of Carinthian beef in pepper-sauce, with herb butter, chips and vegetables Euro 27,90
Fillet of "Metnitztaler" deer with peas in bacon and cranberries Euro 27,90
Fillet of pork on skewer, vegetables, chips Euro 14,50
Dishes served in the pan
Ragout of deer with croquettes, vegetables and cranberry Euro 14,50
Prechtlhof Hausschnitzel Escalope of pork with almond-breadcrumbs
fried potatoes or rice and vegetables
Euro 12,50
Roast sirloin with onions, potatoes, vegetables Euro 16,50
Escalope of pork with fried potatoes and vegetables Euro  11,50
Pike-perch with almond-herb butter, potatoes Euro 16,50
Mixed salad Euro  3,50
Green salad Euro  3,50
Salad Platter with baked or marinated sheep´s-cheese Euro 12,50



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